EcodesignS • Makes separating waste attractive

In 1996, EcodesignS developed a litter bin with integrated advertorial space. This litter bin was so succesful that Engineer Fred van der Henst decided to develop this product even further. These exclusively made of stainless steel litter bins are sold by sister company Ecobin.

The first community to place these containers was the city of Alkmaar, they ordered the “Circle” litter bins in 1998. Nowadays you can still find them on the streets of this wonderful city. They are a vivid example of the exceptional durability of street furniture designed by EcodesignS.

In the mean time the portfolio of containers has developed into a large variety of designs, when wished for featuring advertising space to lower operating costs. The used mathematical shapes symbolise the problem solving ability that leads to efficient waste collecting.

PMD-litter bins

The developments concerning waste collection are still going on. At home and at the office waste is being separated and councils are setting targets and goals to lower the quantity of residual waste. Separating waste in public places is the next logical step.

During “The day of public spaces” in 2015, EcodesignS presented the first Dutch PMD litter bin for public spaces; the Oval PMD. In response to the many positive reactions and because of the developments concerning the growth in separated waste collection, the sale of pmd-litter bins is being done by EcodesignS itself. This makes it possible to react quickly to new developments, changing needs and individual wishes.

Unique litter bins

The large variety in designs is characterized by the unique combination of the most important EcodesignS-values that all products have in common.

  • Attractive, timeless design
  • Well thought-out functionalities
  • Durable and sustainable stainless steel
  • Production process with minimal ecological footprint
  • Complies with ergonomic requirements
  • A pleasure to work with
  • Minimal maintenance contructions
  • Cost efficient operating management
  • 100% recyclable

Because EcodesignS stays true to these values, your EcodesignS-product will always be the right choice.