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The litter bins in your city suffer from wear and tear and are often exposed to the elements. The frequent emptying of the litter bins is one of the causes of deterioration. In most cases the emptying and cleaning is done by the city’s own – or outsourced – employees. If this does not apply to your situation, you can ask Ecobin to propose an SLA.

Service Level Agreement

Our service contract can offer you an optimal solution that covers both maintenance and damage repairs (e.g. in case of vandalism). This contract ensures that your Ecobin litter bins stay attractive and in good condition over a long period.

Restyling your litter bin portfolio

Ecobin products are extremely durable. But the wear and tear and exposure to the elements can make your Ecobin look 'tired'. Ecobin has a solution in the form of ‘restyling’ which will make your litter bins look like new again. At a fraction of their purchase price